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Radio Okay? Oh, a news radio time is 6 30. Our top story, A record tying high in Denver today got to be 98 degrees at the airport, matching the high from 1989. It will be a little bit cooler tomorrow, Looking ahead to Tuesday. We will see more of that smoke around and poor air quality high temperatures will hit about 91 degrees. We are expecting some improvements of smoke towards the end of the week. So that's the good news blocks. 31 meteorologist Jessica Label says it will remain dry Wednesday with highs in the mid nineties. There's a slight chance of rain Thursday with our best chance of precipitation on Friday afternoon and evening with scattered showers and storms expected. Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith taking on panhandlers on his Facebook page over the weekend, he tells the county here is a request from your sheriff. Please don't give them money. The sheriff noticing the panhandlers are hitting up people for money as they exit stores that have signs saying, hiring or help wanted Our next update at seven o'clock I'm Chad Bauer on KOA, NewsRadio, 8:50 A.m. and 94 1 FM. Now we'll check on traffic with Janine Larose from the BET. Fred Sports Traffic Center. The drive around the Metro area in pretty good shape. Speeds are improving, but there is a new crash on eastbound. I 76 at 96th. Causing some backups there and still working a big accident up north on southbound 25 approaching the Johnstown

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