The Life of Julius Caesar


Guys julius caesar was born in july one hundred bc in suburbia a city of rome. His parents were nobles in the city. They were well known but not rich as a young boy julius. Caesar started his education at the young age of six and learned important skills from his tutor. He was taught to develop excellent speaking skills and exceptional leadership qualities. It was only because his parents wanted him to become a noble just like them and even become a king someday. By the time he turned six his father passed away and he became the head of the household. All of the responsibilities of the house. Were now his and he had to represent his house. In the court of nobles at the age of seventeen julius got married to cornelia the daughter of a powerful politician during that time there was a fight between his two uncles. Julius didn't want to fight with his family members and thought it was foolish so to escape the fight. He joined the army and left rome while in the army. Julius fought many wars and became a brave warrior who started getting recognition in the army quickly began to reach higher and higher ranks in the government. He made friends with many influential leaders namely crassus who has a wealthy businessman and general pompey. Who was the best military commander back then. Influential means having power and wealth. By the time. Caesar returned to rome. He was famous among the people and was loved widely due to his victories and his good speaking skills by the age of forty he was elected as the console. Console was the uppermost rink in the roman government similar to a president. He remained in this position for one year then. He was appointed the governor of a province named gall as a result he was granted four legions. Legions are large groups of soldiers in the military who protect the cities and during wars fight

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