A highlight from S5E8: Rickternal Friendshine of the Spotless Mort


Hello everybody i'm travis. Hey everybody i am brandon and just so happy to see so many deaths in the grenville might way of life. My favorite history channel time-honored tradition. You know every every time this year we gather round the cable television and watch watch the seventeen part documentary about the battle of blood ridge. That's right that's right. i. I've gone to a couple of reenactments down at the local community park. Now be honest with me here. Do you just go and watch the reenactments or have you gotten into the point. Where you're now dressing in period garb and participating in the reenactment. I have not gotten that far yet. I've thought i thought about it. I'm just trying to really flesh out my mic. Grumble my back story to make sure that you know kind of jives with the era. That's fair yet so sure that. Your lower dangling are all in place and ready for ready for participation Good times we'll welcome. Welcome unity to yet. Another episode here. We are eight episodes into season. Five on instruments are assess the unofficial podcast. So so happy to have you here to discuss. What is questionably a forgettable episode. That that may or may not really ever be remembered in the history of of the rick and morty fandom but we'll talk about it anyway it's what we do it's It's it's a we are but welcome. Welcome if you're if you're new here And you want and you want follow along and and keep up with us on the social internet's. There's there's a whole laundry list of ways you can do it. And i'm going to read those to you now.

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