Rep. Chip Roy Asks to Adjourn House After New Masking Rules


Look you you've You've had we've been talking about mask. Mandates for practically this entire show because the idea that we're going to start imposing mass mandates on the vaccinated is just ridiculous and it's counterproductive to getting people on the right path to the end of this pandemic which is universal voluntary vaccination so that we can put an end to this thing. They are talking about in fact they are imposing a mask mandate in the house of representatives. You had a fiery speech about this. Tell us a little bit about what's going on there and what your objections are. Well look i mean. Let me first start very crystal clear that i'm pro vaccine. My dad had polio. He's lived with the ravages polio his whole life And i'm very glad that my children myself Other americans have been able to develop cells polio vaccine. And we're so blessed we've had two hundred. Ninety billion americans get maximum aided for cova think about that one hundred ninety million in seven months. We had an extraordinarily rollout. Thanks to the efforts by president trump which were opposed by democrats. Remember them closed. My democrat even have the vaccine. Now we have one hundred. Ninety million americans have been vaccinated when you include the people who've already had the virus. We're at something like eighty percent of all people over eighteen years old. I have some form of immunity led to keep working on that. Let's keep making sure that american people are free but now they want to force people to either be back stated by force or they want to force people to wear masks and on the floor of the house of representatives. Nancy pelosi wants to make everybody wear masks again. Despite the fact there's no data to back it up they're hypocrites. Dc mayors hosting weddings and parties without masks and reinstated. The mass mandate you see The mayor only had twenty seven people in the hospital when she lived into mask mandate of a couple of months ago. There were ninety people in the hospital where this is all show and politics and by doing it you're weakening freedom importantly you're causing people to say wait wasn't how was the purpose of getting the vaccine. You guys are insane. You don't know what you're talking about. It and i think it's harming america.

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