A highlight from RHLSTP 340 - Robin Askwith


Hello my friends. Welcome to another rohullah. Sta this week with the amazing robin asquith. And a lot of fun from confessions and All sorts of stuff that we talk about films and his body lifestyle hits a lot of fun. Great man looks fantastic and you had to see him because we if you watch the video. The video will be up on youtube watching it. Now look as me. I've lost a bit of weight and we are. These are the only two video ones from the clapham grand run so thanks for having of course and we'll be to youtube but the next series of house debate is going to be filmed but it's going to be livestream and we're gonna put it on youtube. You're gonna have to pay to see it because we're doing it for charity where we are going to raise money for the mount vernon cancer center the list of hospital and for the museum of comedy. And so we would like you if possible to pay to watch one or all of those podcasts. Live streamed that ten pound per show. That's two guests per show last little secret. John turnley one and sony ten pounds in both shows or that

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