'My Son Hunter' Will Be a Comedy - Because Hunter Biden Is so Ludicrous


One thing we didn't. We didn't brian the guy. Sorry another movie called the war and all wars no. I just wanted to give him his. We definitely helped with. He is the prince. Find the writing on one thing. We did save. You know county preachy. Account be Telling people think it has to just tell the truth has to be funny because as you say it's so tragic will be funny. Oh it's just gonna be awesome The situation is ludicrous right. The situation is a joke. That drug addicted crack smoking at some of the vice president gets an eighty three eighty thousand dollars a month contract with ukrainian and gas company. He has no experience in oil and gas. By the way. I thought were also be going green now. Also as a guy who was part of one point two billion dollar chinese investment fund. This guy who who even got a gift of one hundred thousands of a chinese business eighty five thousand dollars damage breaks. It's a joke right so we have to make a joke and so and so. That's that's what we're we're gonna. It's gonna be

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