This Cult Haircare Company Has Launched a Beauty Line

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So i do wanna talk now about your be attended cosmetic live because we all know and love. It's a ten hair care. What made you say. Okay it's time to get into cosmetics in color you know what it's a natural progression for me. It's a natural listen. Beauty is head to toe and I really wanna create additional products with underneath the. It's a ton umbrella so to speak. That really creates anything that a woman is going to need to get ready so be a hair extension. it can be The makeup it can be obviously be attend. Has the same type concept behind it. Simple easy to use multifunctional makeup. That you don't need youtube tutorials you don't need a million brushes. Have the applicators really built right into the makeup itself. It's kind of you pick it up. It's self explanatory. you use it. And you get those fashionable grade beautiful results. We go holy smokes. I can't live with this product. Those are the kind of products. I like to create and i want to do it in the color world is well obviously so i love it too and i have to say when you say the word color like. You've got some really bold bright colors. do you think that your inspired clayton lori. Okay florida by puerto rican woman. And we just you know we can do. We can do muted as well. But honestly i'm all about the pop and especially now listen. We're still mass occasionally. We're still like having to make our eyes pop and and when you take your mask off we have beautiful lip stains that you still have some lip on even if a little bit came off in your mask instantly. We have a brown scare boom a little little applicator. You have a popping brow at a great dual chamber mascara so things that are just gonna make it really easy for people to really have those professional grade results without you know a lot of work and that's all about. We need a ten minute face nowadays. You know what are you. What is the lip product that you're using right now. Your lips look gorgeous. Thank you so that is definitely one of our. It's our lip gloss And it's it's the one that was in the new beauty box literally. The beautiful thing about it is. I'm pretty dark skinned i. I can get very pale as well but no matter. What whether i have my summer tan. When i have my really kind of winter skin this color goes with so many different skin tones. That's one thing. I'll as well a b. Attend makeup is literally all the way from say. The palest appeals to the darkest darkest everything from our foundations to our our lipsticks to our i colors. They really are super diversified. And so it's really about being all inclusive with beauty Bracing your own natural beauty. We don't have this cookie cutter kind of a Type of you know. It's only for this totally for that.

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