Why Fame and Success Won't Heal Your Wounds


I found out about your story because you wrote in About your film the golden age and. I think that the thing that really struck me was that you wrote about this idea of this obsession that we have is a culture with fame which i thought this is kind of a no brainer to me because it's so important because i think that often we've prioritized fame over mastery and craft but before we get into all of that I want to start asking you. What is one of the most important things that you learn from one or both of your parents that influenced and shaped who become in what you ended up doing with your life while it's a great question Well i think you know. It's the parents came from a generation where they did what. They felt that they had to do but didn't necessarily want to do you. Know of course have a traditional family. My father was an attorney. My mom was like come dance teacher. And but secretly. My mom always wanted to be a singer. My dad was this really great saxophonist and they both loved jazz. And the irony. And i talked about it a little bit in this book. That accompanies the film released later. This fall as the irony is. I became like the hybrid of what they really wanted to do at an a generation where they couldn't my dad to be a musician. My mom wanted to be a singer. And it's like i became a high bit of what they wanted to do. Was kinda strange but i. I've learned so much from them especially like my love of music like my dad was incredibly large beach. Roy beach boys fan and as a kid. I just couldn't stand. Listen to that music but i realize you know i didn't realize brian wilson's genius as a child and and now i realize how much brian wilson's affected my life and how important they are in my life and it was almost like i had to go through all this crazy tutelage with my father. He was an alcoholic and abusive a gun into it into the film a little bit but it was like he was training me. You know with all these jazz records than the beatles and you all these different bands but especially the beach boys. And it's like i get so obsessive recording with all the production stuff and i can't just make regular album it's like oh here's me on piano singing. It's like i have to do my brian wilson and i i realized that was kind of the badness of being raised by my father's like he was training me for something that i didn't even

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