Lizzie Borden, Axe Murderer, Maybe


The incident. Nicky what do we need to know about what happens on the night that are on the day that andrew and abby are all i guess hacked to death is the is the right way to put it. Yes the day they are axe murdered. Well i mean we know we have a pretty clear timeline of what happened actually Because it happens in a short window of time when they're alone so abby was the first to be killed And she was struck in the back of the head and then hacked sawmilling seventeen times like it was a pretty vicious brutal murder And then it's like. I think an hour an hour and a half later when her husband andrew comes home and then he is hacked as well and there are people in the house when this is happening. So the made is there though. She is supposedly up on the third floor. Taking a nap and lizzie. Bordon is there. She said you know some people say she's in the barn for a while she comes back. It's an unclear. It's unclear where everyone is During this but the maids as the she hears lizzy say come. You know my father is dead and then the police are called and they do kind of shoddy investigation and it goes from there. She's arrested The murders happened on fourth So she's arrested about a week later and then we get to the trial and the trial. Is i suppose not that big of a surprise. A sensation is covered breathlessly. Not just in the town and not just even in boston. But it's let's pick up national attention. You know described to us kelly. Why what is it. That's appealing about this trial. And what are the narratives that emerge particularly as we said they start to tilt a little bit in lizzy favor. Yeah so there's so much about this. That i think would not happen if the family were not wealthy. This was related to like as being like the titanic of its moment. What seems a little suspect me. But if you think about like the exorbitant amount of wealth and how tragedy gets connected about people sometimes have like an insatiable appetite to want to know what happens to rich people. And why and so. And so lizzie gets caught up in this now. She is supported by her community. The women's temperance group comes to her aid. They protest by her side saying that she could not have committed this crime and it really becomes sort of this. Well you can't even say a. He said she said moment because her father. And some of the can't really say you know what happens so it becomes her story versus everybody else versus the evidence of the

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