Blame Joe Biden for the Rapid Rise in Inflation


I really don't know wear inflation's going to be but brian is going to now. Brian what what we do ask that. I think we shot ourselves in the american foot collectively you. It is amazing. I i literally did not expect to see this for months and the the the games. I'm sure you've already talked about it. the games in Washington dc. i'm. I'm like in shock trying to catch up with nobody knows what's in this thing But the the games that are playing you know we thought that if they got the trillion they wouldn't go so fast for three and a half. that's yep but they took they said give us another trillion and they did. They took it. What's going to happen to the economy. Taxes are going up on everyone a lot and don't believe this millionaire's only crap. That's not true. The grill deals in there. S ones in there. It's a nightmare. Yeah so if you go back and his you know people are saying is this. Lbj lyndon johnson is. This fdr That you know is that the new deal is the great society you know. This is the build back better. Great reset plan And if we kind of look back in history you know. I'm not trying to be. I'm not trying to say this are be happy. Talk here but but we were able eventually able to absorb those increases in government spending. We we were now the seventies we had lots of inflation. We had lots more unemployment. We went through a lot of pain but then once we got to reagan and and he's been into clinton things got a lot better so today if you kind of think about the cloud blockchain five g. rolling out sixty probably after that the starling satellite system going up the new biotech inventions. I mean we have were very productive immensely wealthy country

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