You Will Be Impacted by Liberal Totalitarianism so Take Action


Way within the next few years. Either you or someone you love is not impacted by liberal totalitarian ism. Their mandates their edicts, the destruction of the country. They're opening of the border there. Cancel culture tactics. They're they're screw too big tech cancel culture tactics. There is no way you or someone near you will not be touched by this. No way. You have no choice in this matter anymore. It is time for action. Action matters. There are no easy answers here. I wish there were believe me. I wish there were I am not again speaking to you with forked tongue either. Damn! What have you done? Fair question. I left my job. I love the job. I was in 10 years ago I walked away. There was never ever any promise of anything, and we almost went bankrupt. That's not a joke. We nearly missed mortgage. I think we did miss mortgage payments. My daughter at the time I remember needed braces. We have any money to do it. I left my job. I decided I was going to run for office. I'd had enough. I did that three times. It didn't work out. That's okay. It's okay. It wasn't meant for me. Sometimes you ask God for an answer, And the answer is no. And that's okay. It eventually led me here almost a decade later. It was a long road. But I promise you I'm not asking you to do something I wouldn't do myself. I asked you to show up at the school board meetings, Town council meetings. I did it myself. The videos out there my own town. You can see it. I'm right there. I don't tell you to do things I don't do myself. But the time for action is now time for talk is over. Talk is great. I hope this motivates you to do something. But as my friend, Jenny says, and I'll say all the time in this show. Ginny Thomas. She's great. She says. You're the leaders we've been waiting for. You don't wait for someone else. Action matters. It's time to do. There's no easy answers. Everyone is going to have to sacrifice a little bit of something in order to get this country back from really the dark path to totalitarianism we're on. Now there's now no longer a doubt. Laugh all you want. We know exactly what you're doing. The

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