A highlight from 915: Reinforce Your Personal Boundaries | Habits with Nedra Glover Tawwab

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Speaking to my boundaries has really changed. I used to believe that. I could tell someone something one time and they would magically get it and if they did not magically get it. Throw the whole boundary in the trash and declare. They won't listen to my boundaries. But there is there is a process for people to adhere to your boundaries on understand because this is new for them. You could have been thinking about this thing for very long time but this is new and we have to allow them some some time to learn with that new thing he is so it's very important that as we are implementing boundaries that we are sure to allow space for them to actually take hold. Welcome to the ziglar. Show a top ranked all time career podcasts. In apple podcast. I'm your host kevin miller in this show we expound on ziglar doing have philosophy meaning. You have to be the right kind of person than do the right things before you can expect to have what really matters in life and we want you to have what matters. Also check out my podcast. What drives you where we talk with. People who have reached impressive achievements to ask what drove them. Good and bad and we dig into the very motives that drive us all with the goal of clarifying. Just what is driving you then in my true life.

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