A highlight from Episode 334: SmartThings new edge strategy


The three hundred and thirty fourth episode of the internet of things. Podcasts this is your host stacey higginbotham and your co host kevin toefl and we have a really in depth security show for you today and not the good kind no no. It's never the good kind so we will be talking. We're actually going to be issuing a correction for y'all we're also going be talking about an update to smart things that i think makes it look a little bit more like home assisted. Were also going to be talking about ruppel. Security flaw since defcon was last week. And yeah just a bunch. The industrial internet consortium has changed. Its name we're going to talk about. What the new name is and y plus. Google's fuchsia is actually out in the world and we've got new iot satellite network to talk about. We're also going to hear from our guest this week. Von yeah samuelson. Who is the ceo of quite tech. And this is part of a little theme. We've had for the last week and this week which is about building lower energy consuming devices. So she's going to be talking about how to evaluate power consumption throughout the development process. And we're also going to hear from our sponsor very before we get into it.

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