Does 'Revenge' Work as a War Strategy?


Is a strategy and maybe after 9 11 When we went into Afghanistan, our focus should have been revenge. And maybe we should really have that national conversation. Air quotes Everybody always talks about on every other issue. Maybe our idea should have been to go in there and inflict punishing generational damage on our enemies so that they never think about attacking us again. It's a point I'm gonna get you brought up by Michael Anton in an excellent piece. Maybe we should have won him with his big strike. With a massive strike. We should have finished the job and leveled that place. I know that. Listen, it's not me like it. Trying to, you know, chess part for speaking faux bravado. You can understand what we say. Well, Dan, it wasn't you going in there? It wasn't I was a secret service agent at the time. I wasn't in the military, and that's a fair criticism. Fair. I'm not immune to criticism. I'm gonna region a second, a guy and, uh, send me a message on my Facebook page during the break of disagrees You know you're owed the other side as well. But please Revenge is a strategy. You may not like it, but it is most certainly a strategy here. I got this from Philip during the break. He says, Dan I like what you do, but I disagree with your take that revenge is a strategy. He agrees with Congressman Crenshaw, who had said that this morning on Fox News that revenge is in a strategy, he says it's not a strategy. It can be a motivator, but it doesn't lay out a plan to achieve an objective. Act only out of revenge is a reflex and his irresponsible Philip II deeply appreciate your perspective. I mean that I don't only take feedback on the show or read it. That's positive. That would be disingenuous. The country of 330 million people, which that with divergent views, But I think you're making my point candidly, not yours. Yes, it is a motivator, but it's also a de motivator. An act of violence motivated out of revenge as a war strategy is a very real motivation to not do what

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