A highlight from Misa Hyltons Enduring Impact On Fashion


I'm thinking to form relationships with fashion houses because now they see the value. Because we're the pulse. We are what's hot. We're creating trends. We're spending money and now everyone wants to work with us. It's my responsibility as a professor to really you. Let them know who originators are. Because i just feel like there's no one that's really doing that. Hi this is imran. Ahmed founder and ceo of the business of fashion. Welcome to the of podcast. It's friday september third american stylist and fashion designer. Mesa hilton rose to prominence in the nineteen ninety s for her work with hip hop and r&b legends. Such as little. Kim and mary j. blige. She played a major role in bridging fashion and hip hop but hilton. Hasn't received her due credit for her lasting impact on fashion trends. This week on the bureau of podcast. Be off calmness. Jason campbell is joined by hilton and nick nelson an adjunct professor at the new school who teaches a course on fashion styling to discuss hilton's life and work as well as the enduring significance of hip hop culture and fashion. Here's me hilton. And nick. Nelson inside fashioned. Well this is the conversation. I've been wanting to have and i'm so glad that you're joining the conversation because i think you will add a different dimension to this but we want to dive into this is this is about you. This is about your contribution to fashion about your long experience in this industry a story. That's not not always known. So i would like to be a part of the telling of this story and i working in this industry during the time of your rise. I witnessed the delicate dance between fashion

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