Shang-Chi, Another Marvel From Marvel


Let's get into shanxi here before we start getting into puzzle pieces and all that. Are you a big marvel guy where you super lucan forwarded this one. I was probably one of the most One of the ones who was most excited about in terms of the phase for lineup. I am not as big of a comic person by. I had been big fan of the marvel cinematic universe and You know it was it was it was fi like having a year to off of the. Mc you last year was really it really got me even more excited for what we weren't as he pays for and sure but shame she just because of the fact that it's it's ultimately a very different type of superhero. That were used to. It's not even though. There are some liberties i think in the origin films in terms of the type the different beatson themes that they touch on. I do think this is a very different type of story than what we have seen in marvel an mc origin stories. I think that's one of the things that really have excite me as well as some of the cast in this too. I mean we have young. Who's a legend. We have a michelle. Yeoh who's also eleven aquafina who's been one of the brighter. Spots in movies and smaller roles is bigger roles like the farewell and show is just very. I was pretty excited for this. And i get a chance to see it last week and It's funny we're recording this on the day that the reviews dropped the embargo was lifted. End so You can read my thoughts about on socks overall. I just really enjoyed

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