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Keep it right. You know, I love cool gadgets. One of my favorites. I'm flood at Stefanie In live from the K F 24 hour newsroom, all eastbound lanes of the 2 10 freeway in Arcadia remain closed. CHP is currently investigating a death that could be possibly caused from a shooting over 5.4 million people have voted so far in the recall election of Governor Newsome, the last day of voting in September. 14th Oscar De La Hoya Says he has covid 1948 year old boxing legend announced on Twitter yesterday that he got covid even though he's fully vaccinated. Let's check in on some traffic trouble. A look at the 2 10 eastbound side Before Baldwin and Arcadia police activity remains. They're all lanes are shut. Shut down your right, So it slows to a crawl as you poach lake traffic is currently being diverted off at Michelle Linda as an alternate. You can try taking a Foothill Boulevard heading east and then hopping on the 2 10 east at Santa Anita in Culver City. Four or five North Jefferson a stall stuck at the center lane. Watch for delays from the one Oh five. Can't find this guy help. Be either faster. I'm sore and chrome, Otis, so good to finally see my bay Bridge Coast spokes bird against by. You saw me every day on video calls. Otis, We've got to hit the road and bay Bridge traffic to the beach. The early bird gets the worm. I'm no early birds Spike. I'm more of a night owl. Well, staying later is another way to avoid traffic on the bridge. Businesses on the eastern Shore are thrilled to have you back. Go early and stay late. Get a bridge Traffic updates at the MDT. On Twitter or bay bridge dot com. I want to introduce you the Thundercats Technology. Thunder Cat Technology is a premier provider of ICTY solutions not only for government organizations but educational

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