A highlight from #438 Six Months Of Hating Men with Annie Lederman


There's like there's like a victim button. That feels good to get pushed. You know so we're like serotonin just like bleeds into your head which i am guilty of and i went. I went while on out fucking very man haiti for a second. Let's start that. Was i'm trying to think of the actual pinpoint of a because one of the guys right then. Yeah you went full man-hating but i have to remember. I have to try to think of exactly what had happened. Because i know and it stopped. The article came out. And i read it and i was like And then the chris. Hardwick article came out and was like Reading the descriptions of what happened. And i was like this just seems like a lot more of like a problem that i had faced in my life where i haven't stood up for myself rather than someone. It's someone else's fault. I then rest burgeon. Robert hoskins all off course. I'm awfully glad mother had hi. Everybody welcome to ari shapiro skeptic. Podcast my name is fair. And i'm the host. That's right. I have my own pockets. Can you believe a comedian with a podcast. Real good today. Real go a classic ours. Your fear skeptic sack comedian fucking serious interesting subject. Any letterman comes on first. Time on the podcast. Give you some backstory real quick in two thousand and something something United states of america elected by not unanimous decision. A brand new president the minority spoke and they elected a man a businessman. A man who was going to make america great again. His name was ronald note. Donald trump. that's right. I don't know if you knew this giving you some back story about the history of america and the day after donald trump got elected in new york and liberal new york city. Every single man had a target on their back. It was bad it was really bad. You sit on the subway and girls would fucking glare. I'm sorry women women women women would fucking glare at you like you did. This can't even vote way to change through the system. I think the way to change the to around the system but anyway the point is we were all fucking the enemy. Instantly women even vote to they. Were like fucking responsible. Everyman was the enemy every man it was like everybody get algorithms and there was one group of comedians who all live together. Who just bounce this fucking hatred of all males off each other and it was horrible beer and he was one of them any letterman. she hated dudes. She hated all men. I talked about with tait fletcher. We're like we're talking phone. We're like can you believe anti it's like the fuck dude. He's always been nice tour. See the problem. You'd see you you like hi. How you doing the her both roommates and they're like oh hey fuck i just walk on eggshells. All the time. She hated men. She got algorithms but unlike most people who've been algorithms any somehow one of the very very few she found a way back she found a way back into not hating every single man for shit that we didn't do i welcome her back always willing to welcome back somebody from the edge of algorithm back to the fucking normal where everybody's pretty nice to each other. Everybody's chill comics are sitting drinking having some laughs. Hey guys all friends. Member memory comedian comedian. Very very rarely. Will you see somebody come back from fucking emotional. Terrorism very rarely. I don't think any might be the only one to be honest. My friend nate hong have on here. Maybe him too. But i didn't know when he was bad And i welcome back. I welcome back. She's fun to be around again. Yeah i mean it's great having one of the guys it's one of the boys just one of the people in our group and welcome her back. She's great she's great to have around amazing grace. How sweet the sound was was blind. But now i see yeah dude it was fucking wild for while do you remember. You gotta remember that time. All women hated all men and so on today's episode any letterman is going to tell us about her six months of hating dudes six months of hating men before the episode real quickly dates. I'm going to be in nashville. September ninth through eleventh god. I hope that. I don't dishonor the brave americans who died fucking pushing papers around their desk on that fateful morning in nine eleven heroes every one of them even though they're probably beat there a couple of them beat their wives that morning but anyway hopefully i'll steer clear of that. I'm not known as

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