Caller Says We Have to Blame All Involved Who Got Joe Biden in Office


Mark A sun tzu 2500 years ago wrote in the art of war armed conflict is the most primitive form of warfare Out of that you get economic warfare which could cause an economic collapse You get brainwashing or destroying the use of the country All of these things are many of them were thousands of years old the ideas and this is exactly what the Democrat party is implementing It's very serious very diabolical but it is brilliant not that AOC is brilliant but the strategist and tacticians who planned this and carried it out we have to crush the Democrat party as you know And then I hope we could work together with loyal American Democrats to work together to get the creeps out of the Republican Party and decrease out of the Democrat party The never Trump was the admiral of the general as all those people that attacked Trump They're the cause or part of the cause Biden's in there So they're as responsible as Biden is what Biden is doing We can't let Biden get all the blame All the people that put them in office Chris Wallace during the debates that the hurt Trump all of those people were working together knowingly or just being stupid They put Biden in the office They're all responsible Let me just say it's going to be a little bit more complicated Jimmy as you know And the reasons this They've created this massive government Leviathan which is loyal to the Democrat party Democrat party takes care of it takes care of their income protects them grows them expands their authority And so there is this relationship between the Democrat party and the bureaucracy So when a Republican comes in Reagan or Trump and so forth And they're trying to scale back the size of government They are sabotaged In the saboteurs work with the media we saw that with the FBI most recently but it's all the time The sabotage leaked tax returns of the president of the United States to the media They will never do anything like this of course To Joe Biden because Joe Biden's going to expand their authority and give them money more resources

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