A highlight from Whiskey Quickie: Old Forester 2021 Birthday Bourbon Review

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Welcome everybody to this whiskey quickey today. We're taking a look at the old forster birthday bourbon. The twenty twenty one release. Happy birthday governor brown birthday. This is a. I wrote it down here. I think it was in a press release but actually forget. It's like hundred something years now anyway. This is the twenty twenty released. It is a twelve year old barrels that were presented and it says on here from press release one hundred four proof however it's kind of weird because our sample actually says ninety eight proof on it not too sure. Why but this year's batches comprised of one hundred nineteen barrels filled on april sixteenth. Two thousand nine in that were matured in warehouse g. He'll be available. Starting september second for a hundred and thirty dollars. A love warehouse g where all the magic happens test. Warehouse actually have no idea where it is me. Neither me neither. But i do know that these bottles that do come out are probably the kind of the worst like if you can see up here. They just take up so much on the shelf like you can't stack them. It's just only like. But i look pretty they are they're funky. They're different but everybody loves them. All right so it's put a minute on the clock. Let's go on. the news. can favorite note. Listen sweet okay. Let's get kind of like a banana pudding. Yeah there's strong banana note as with usually always get in these brown forman mash pills with kinda like a like a floral note there to like a rose pedal or some kind of lavender. I dunno something floor early. Smells like candle shop or something. I take to the candle shop is that how all right onto the taste. Fifty cent seuss over that one. Yeah it's very delicate. It is so you get that sweet. Oh on the front the chocolate some of that bright for banana then again. Those like more that rose pedal kind of. It's almost like an outer flower syrup. Or something i don't know ever had like elderberry. Whatever elderberry you definitely get a lot of those good floral kinda softer notes to it. It's not a punch in the mouth not super spicy. Yep i enjoyed it kind of a little bit of a little bit of begging spices on the end. But not too overpowering all right so let's go ahead what's right and so on the knows where you really like it and the taste thumbs up. I really enjoyed it and the finish. I'm going sideways. Thumbs up sideways. Probably going down a little bit. I just thought it really lacked. It was just very mild showing affinity at the front and mid pallor were so great that it carried onto the back but it did kind of fall flat towards the end but but then again like dusty dusty. S- have crazy finishes either. Yes kind of just false in that same category totally all right well. That's it cheers. Everybody we'll see you next time.

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