Taliban Crush Opposition Across Afghanistan, as Chaos Builds at Airport


Let's sally. Takeover of afghanistan has post more questions than it has on stirred the insurgency groups. Promise that the country would no longer be a violent basil filtering hollow. As at least three people were short and killed at a protest in jalalabad. Senior taliban leaders also say afghanistan under their watch will not be a democracy. Mas will be ruled by sharia law will earlier. Today monaco's georgina godwin spoke to helene o'donnell a columnist for foreign policy magazine who witnessed to the changes in the country firsthand. She and tour photographer. Who recently left kabul for the netherlands. Let seventy seven. I was in herat the west and a couple of weeks ago. And i was there to cover what seemed to be at the taliban is sold it was actually taliban incursion into The western city of herat. It's very big important. Wealthy part of the country. I spent time on the front lines with a called ishmael. Khan who since given oak And he was working at the time with his militia alongside Soldiers on the national security directed afghanistan's who do how do we know a former perhaps secret service. And i watched them really losing and i thought i tried to get out up to two days. My plan had been forty eight hours. I was there for five days. Because the taliban taking the road to the airport the airport was causing. It was very difficult. And i decided dan event as was watching the reality of herat full. That tyrod was a big step towards kabul and that it was time to make arrangements to leave an i. I can't tell you how lucky. I was in my tiny because via flight that i took out We've my friend and colleague westwood hosseini the pulitzer prize winning photographer from afghanistan. Who i've been working with for a decade It was the last commercial flight wheels up on sunday morning.

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