TikTok Is Making Tax Policy Cool



Dylan last month. You wrote about the tick-tock response to the child. Tax credit which are the monthly payments of up to three hundred dollars that went directly to parents in need during the pandemic. So what is it about these checks that made them so me mobile so i think The most important part of it is that the checks were not universal where nearly universal for the people being targeted. The child tax credit goes to all but the very richest parents in the country. Parents are very large group Parent mom dad focused to talk in facebook and instagram are all phenomena already and so it was very easy unifying thing and i think beyond that it all landed at the same time we not child caps. Probably your account on. You have no idea. It's it's not. As though people applied for at different times in started receiving edge of times it all rolled out on july fifteenth. And so when everyone's getting a sudden Deposit to their bank account at around the same time that makes it very easy to make content that people will relate to and dave. You see a lot of memes on tick-tock related to all kinds of big news. Events is tax policy. Usually up there as the most likely to inspire amine. It's not it's not the number one news event that might be driving different. Sort of tick-tock memes. But that's not to say that it couldn't be in this case it definitely was. I think it's really just about something any news. Event really that or government policy. That is easy enough to understand. And i would say under fifteen seconds. Don't make really good point that it was happening to a lot of people at once so the simultaneous nature of that where we also we're sort of experiencing that once really helps I think it all the way back to march twenty twenty when take talk had just a huge growth. In people that downloaded it was because the pandemic never was experiencing the same thing at once so a lot of the talks including washing post. Docs at that point. Where just all about going insane at

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