A highlight from The Buy Side: Microsoft


Whereabouts in california san diego. And we'll tell them is it there eight. Am case so early star. Is this your first podcast of the day. Or you just got them lined up and right first coffee to this talk about spoil and microsoft because there's a couple of things that strike me. I probably need an upgrade in terms of mall. I knowledge of microsoft and what it is the best selling and i'm also interested in what the conversation is between you and sports rights holders so we as mentioned on acoustic. Tom harrison is the chief executive of the cb cricket over here and he referenced the microsoft relationship. We talked about it a little bit. And i was then wondering. That's interesting. But i thought there are all the questions that came out of it. So let's start with. What defines the compensation you. I sit down with a governing body or federation or out so i think that the thing with us and when a property approaches in looking to establish a relationship with microsoft i think the first thing we need to do shape the conversation so too often rights holder starts with the sponsorship play. Where big company in. They're looking to come to us to see if we can invest from sponsorship standpoint. And i think the first thing we end up having to discuss is the fact that microsoft. We don't have a brand awareness issue so for us. Sponsorship only drives awareness of the association. But what we're really trying to do is showcase innovative applications of our technology. So it's often about shifting the dialogue and saying hey what are your challenges as an organization or what are your goals as an organization. Where could technology actually help you meet those because for us the value comes from showcasing those innovative impactful applications of our technology when you then look spoke governing bodies even the big ones. There is a. There's always the issue of the they tend to be in the in the scheme of things the size of that profile and the size of their reach and that community is completely out of whack with the actual within the office and there are a few exceptions and there was a massive american rights holders obviously but they tend to be much smaller than people expect and with that comes a whole load of issues when technology's the question because oversee they then start to say people have expectations that they're going to have customer service or they're going to have the way in which things presented all going to be framed by our relationship with big tech and that is really difficult if not impossible for effectively small to medium enterprises on a revenue fuels aachen imbalance. And i'm wondering what it is. The they convey what you notice as you go around rightsholders. What all the challenges that. I have tech perspective. Yeah there are definitely some challenges from a tech perspective but really does vary by organization. I'll show you. I'll talk to you a little bit about an interesting trend that we're starting to see but the reality is that organizations. The front offices are small and for the fan bases they reached. They are lean and needing to be able support a variety of different business objectives. So i think one of the things that we're seeing is they're turning to technology to help them solve for those to enable systems that are going to make things a little bit easier for them to reach those mass audiences but that doesn't mean that they're now starting to bring more resources in house returning to partners to develop those relationships that can help them scale grow knowing that they're they're they're limited on an overall staffing standpoint.

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