Soy and Cancer: The True Soy Story With Dr. Neal Barnard


One of this podcast series. We learned about the wave study and the promising results that it offered. And then we also learned as i said that soy is a huge part of the study but i would imagine because of the prevailing theories about soy that. There are a lot of people who are going to hear about this study. And they're going to be like it. Sounds pretty good. But switches makes me nervous You do hear these miss quite a lot in the the big one is this. Soy products have eyeso- flavonoids in them Natural compounds but maybe those compounds could cause breast cancer because they might adhere to the estrogen. Receptor if you go online you'll see lots and lots of writing like this and which also means it. Scientists have had a lot of time to study it and see what it is Chuck let me show us a couple of slides really quickly if you don't mind because it's important to look at the data on this sure In two thousand eight researchers did a meta analysis. And that's where you combine the results of prior studies in this case it was eight prior studies and the groups that they really focused in on where people who consumed a lot of sorts. So he could see. Is it safe you Quantities tofu soy milk me so tempe every day. So they looked at asians asian-americans and what they found kind of blew everybody away. The connection between soy cancer was it. Soy reduced the risk of breast cancer and it did it quite a lot by twenty nine percent in other words. The women could suing the most ahead twenty nine percent less risk of breast cancer compared to women who kind of neglected soy so looks like a preventive but they went further a at least five. Different studies have looked at women who had cancer treatment already and in some cases they avoid so afterwards in some cases they continue to have it. It turns out that those women who who continue to have soy those having the most soy greatly reduced their likelihood dining of cancer.

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