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Fast fun. Check the fast from shake it fast from check your pass from you know he did that man Tiger did that You were singing the song that I cannot stop listening to now love it other than tell me then I said, Oh, yeah, I'm looking for Mrs. But Come, I'll Mr Chico stick I want to die. Oh, because you something. Oh, man. I love you, man. He did that right to shout out to tiger. Let me tell you, Man, Tiger is underrated tigers underrated, lyrically performances, everything man and I love that Tiger got back to the music and not back to the music as us, you know, like when I say back to the music, he was always on the music. It's just that people started to think it's like a different way when he got caught up in, you know, not caught up in the relationship. Were tightly right. And I love how he pulled back and went right back to hit music. You know what I'm saying? Right? Big? I thought the same thing Because recently we He dropped another song with money Baggio, like maybe last month, it was it was called spy. So he's just here and you don't hear anything. I don't know if he has a girlfriend, Tiger Gonna blow you out on stage two. Don't get it twisted. I was I recently saw Don't blow you out on stage and he's one of the people that hate his vocals. Without real vocals running it. You know what I'm saying? Like he he goes live And when you're watching him perform you forget how many of his songs you really love and you're like, Wait back city. Wait. Nasty. Yeah, believe that I love you, tiger. Continue

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