Independent Commission, Tom Barrack And President Trump discussed on AP 24 Hour News


List Wow, aren't they kind of like Pelosi, Republicans. McCarthy and Senate Republicans are also opposed to the independent Commission to investigate the attack by a mob of supporters of former President Donald Trump. Tom Barrack, chair of former President Trump's 2017 Inaugural committee, pleaded not guilty, saying he is 100% innocent of charges that he secretly lobbied the United States on behalf of the United Arab Emirates. American Airlines tells pilots to conserve fuel after shortages begin in the West and are now being reported in other parts of the country and will last through the middle of next month. This is a P news Relative says the last victim of the Florida building collapse has been identified like Hadiya tells the AP. His sister Estelle Hadiya, was the last person of the fallen condo to be identified of the 98 victims removed from the rubble. Identification ends a four week wait for the family. Southeastern Conference is about to expand at the expense of another power conference a piece Dave Ferry has this. Texas and Oklahoma have taken the first formal step toward moving to the SEC. By notifying the big 12. They will not be renewing an agreement that binds the league's members through 2025. The school sent out a joint statement that made no mention of the SEC and said they intend to honor grants of rights agreements involving media rights and run concurrently with the conferences, TV contract with ESPN and Fox The next step is likely a buyout between the two schools in the big 12 penalty cushioned by the revenue disparity between the Big 12 and SEC. I'm Dave Ferry. I'm Tim Acquire AP News Team

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