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Sky Mike in the Gulf Coast windows dot com. 24 hour traffic Center from our ktrh John more services 24 hour Weather Center time to check in with meteorologist Terry Smith. At the weather Channel. Find out what kind of day we're going to have today. Quite a few clubs out there right now, Terry. Yeah, We're seeing some clouds and I've been watching some thunderstorms back off toward the north and west like Way back to the West closer off to the Austin area, for instance, But some of that will be heading our way later on around the lunch hour, and then afterwards, I think that's when we'll see the bulk of the rain. It's a cold front a week one but a cold front nonetheless. And it's going to touch off a 70% chance of showers and storms and even some heavy rain at times later today, it's also keeping our temperatures just a little bit cooler than yesterday. Operators to low nineties today. 60% chance of thunderstorms. Tomorrow Low nineties Tomorrow. 30% chance of rain Wednesday and Thursday and 40% chance of thunder Showers Friday more range Saturday. Obviously today, though, it looks to be the Saugus Day out of the rest of the week. Right now. It's 81 your officials. Severe weather station NewsRadio. 7 40 Ktrh. This is Houston. Houston. It's morning news. Real news in real time ain't no place like a cowboy place in no time like a cowboy time.

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