A highlight from Peru's Contentious Election


I've been following sort of his his run like you said indigenous nontraditional candidate not of the elite. You know obviously who has a history of elites running welcome to every latin american country but also what he ran on giving the cuvette situation to like where was his appeal because he didn't also even though he's a socialist. He didn't earn the support of the traditional left in pedal during this wasn't like the leftist candidate there was like right. I mean from what i understand. Can you kinda give more of his context of his appeal even in the kuban pandemic because because all of a sudden he won yes so in peru. We have iran off so in the first election. The for ran of the election. I run since they were eighteen candidates so that traditional left supported candidate call madani mendosa who has Leftist candidate as well but she is more traditional in any peru. People are seek in tired of the political establishment. We've been having corruption for the past thirty years. In fact all our president who were elected in the past thirty years have been imprison or pass through prison in but one of them didn't end up in prison because he killed himself ride when the cops were going to arrest him so they appealing of casteel was because he wasn't part or he's not part of that political establishment and working class people in peru indigenous people in peru decided to support pedrick steel and then when payroll castio reach the second round is then when they traditional left supported him and did he have just talked to me about his positions. I mean i did read about homophobic comments. And he's not this. I wouldn't say like a progressive liberal i mean. Can you talk a little bit about that. Because is it safe to say that. He's not this perfect leftist candidate. At least from what. I've read. So i just wanna make sure i understand that. Yes is a catholic so during the campaign. He said that he was not in favor of abortion and same sex marriage however at the end of the of the campaign met with feminists in elliott tv iq groups and he expressed some changes on his positions. He said that he was going to fight to protect the rights. On the other hand to give you an example a few weeks ago a former congressional candidate a trans woman. Guy scotty was attacked. It was a heinous crime against her. In castilla spoke out in this regard condemning the attacks in demanding justice so. This gesture is very important in extremely conservative contract peru. So finally you have to understand that his party bidwill despite it is a left wing party it is a conservative party regarding social issues therefore their figures congressman congresswoman. His party that are that has spread homophobic abuse lack for example. The head of his cabinet. His name is the wedgie. Though is a member of his party in has expressed those homophobic and misogynistic expression polishing social media in the past however in days the head of his cabinet by the has published statements express in his rejection of those positions. He had in the past. Also something that brings hope in. This regard is that castillo has appointed an idol. Dan who is a sociologist. As the minister of women we have a minister of women peru and an eighth around supports abortion and sexual and reproductive rights. So in that sense we see a change in a process of learning and changing positions regarding these social issues so let's also understand that electing casteel in his presidency. It's kind of like a revolution in peru as we said he come from the working class for real so there will be mistakes. They will be moments of learning any so important that now. There's a window of opportunity for changes also regarding the social issues. Because in fact all the previous presidents that peru had were super conservative with gus. Tedo i did see a clip. Because i do wanna talk to you about fujimori in the right wing because i think there's a bigger issue here but i just wanna make sure that steel because i'm getting texts from people and it's like he was also accused of being anti venezuelan. Was that something that he cleared up to. When i saw that when he was talking about the foreigners coming from venezuela or is that what was the context of that yes so casillas not against venezuela quite the opposite he supports good relationship with venezuela casino has begun by completely transforming peruvian foreign policy which was aligned with with us imperialism in fact peru latte dilemma.

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