A highlight from Grape Therapy: Bachelorette Recap (and almost paradise) with Wells Adams


Drink to your concessions and you have to say about anything bachelor. Let's shake it up some more years caitlyn. Welcome to group therapy. I'm your host kaitlyn bristowe. Your session is now starting. I think that i truly deserve to say this line. That was probably the most dramatic hometown episode of the bachelorette. I cannot believe the week has finally come that you all got to see what happened. And that i finally got to see it actually play out on screen because like i said to katie. I didn't know what had happened and to hear it from her. Like i just got to be there for her on the bathroom floor. So there's just so much to get into. I'm a loss for words. So i brought in wells. Who is truly never offer words. We get into it. Blake hometown the entire country of canada followed by justin's hometown. The city of baltimore fell by greg's hometown the state of new jersey and the conversation between katie and greg that changed at all so many thoughts so many feelings. Let's get into it are you. I'm good how are you. I am well lit. Started off of the banger. I'm terrible because i just spilled tea tree oil all over myself which have ever smelled tea. Tree oil no not in the movie avatar. I don't even know what ti tree oil does for you. Well apparently it's good for your cuticle. I spilled it. And it's like the most strong senate i've ever smell it. Smells like a pine tree like but like stronger and now i just reek of it. Yeah so that's how. I'm doing right now Shirts is hot mess. So it kind of makes sense. Yeah what is your shirt say mine. Suez be kind for. Everyone knows fighting a hard battle. Which is that. Smith deeper than my. I'm side totally. Went up to a shirt. I didn't know we we're doing a shirt thing. i would have come in with like true crime wine in bed by nine shirt but i didn't know so i'm sorry i didn't know to wear my self help and mental health matter shirt because i do have one of those so i should have been more on my game there but here we are. Yeah i just. This is very own brand for us. No it's not. I've never never s- like me. Yeah for you especially. I need to have like some sort of like wacky hipster shirt you know and beanie at a beanie pixie shirt or something but but you know what we're all just doing our best over here and the time zone okay. Hey i'm proud of your kid. All right you know guess. What microphone is literally look at. It's just shoved into the couch cushion out and you're resting up against a chair on the edge of the couch because this is really the only place i get good wifi. So we're just rolling with it. And i mean obviously we're gonna do bachelorette recap and i feel like all their stock his greg but first of all i wanted to ask you how paradise was It was great it was it was fun. It was Dramatic it was funny It was hot. There was a lot of drama. There is a lot of laughs. There's a lot of love that letter. A romance there's some Hopefully some neal lane rings floating around in know exciting. Oh my gosh. it's so paradise is so exciting to watch now because obviously it's everyone's favorite an all in it's been gone for like. Was it two summers or just one once-over but it's been two years since the show. Okay yeah been two years but it feels like it's been forever and i've heard through like very knowing people that it gets crazy down there on that beach the summer. Yeah i mean it gets crazy Like every summer but this one especially because like everyone was stuck at home for a year and lake not able to like swipe right on tinder and go make like bad life decisions with and so for the beach. Yes i feel like there was like a lot of sexual tension built up. which is Just beautiful for for that show you know. And they're also like it was crazy. 'cause we i think we broke the record for the most people like on the show day one l. Really yeah just because if you think about it. There were so many seasons of people you know there was two batch the rats and one bachelor Season of people choose from and then. Of course you have your. Oh jeez who you know people love and hope to see down there and so it was just a lot and it was a lot of people in a lot of commotion on the beaches.

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