What if a Dog Got a Nintendo Switch?


Read. The dog was very excited because his friend. Everett had a present for him. All every it's doing eight to see you. Thanks for coming to visit me all the way and what. therefore i know has really long track. Did you get me something. Yes oh it looks like some nato kind of thing like a box with buttons on do i do. I need and eat it. Is that what i do. Oh what is it called. I mean tino sweets. Oh nintendo switch. Wow i have no idea. What dad is fred. Nevertheless took out this nintendo switch and started pushing buttons wildly. Emmy am i doing it right. Am i pointing the buttons with my tongue light. No you played in ten switch where you buy like these game cards and you can put them in. And then you can click on the game with the buttons with buttons or you've caused and you click them and then like play the games with the little joy cards. Oh i see you know. That's really strange. Because what if well. Certainly this big button appeared in the middle of the nintendo switch and it says suck everett and emmy inside of the nintendo which it's a really big button. I don't know how it says that. But i'm just going to press it real quick. Well see what happened. As he press the button. Emmy and everett suddenly got sucked into what if world and into the video game and some of what if world got sucked into this video game as well just leaving fred floating around playing the game and a big blank void you too. Okay and i. I just push the button. Yeah oh boy. Oh boy oh boy. I'm more into like a puzzle games and the games where we explore our motion haw. What's this heart button. This just keeps growing new buttons. Do you think you should push the button now after what just happened. Do not push the button fred. Okay i will not put the by. I promise i'm just going to turn around and sit on intendo intendo which no one can push the buttons and nothing else happens but when he sat on the nintendo switch of course his bottom pushed the button

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