Are We Winning or Losing? Rep. Mary Miller Weighs In


Miller, welcome to America first. Thank you. Thank you for having me. So you were supposed to be in studio last minute, you got to be on the floor. There's some kind of vote coming up despite the fact that the January 6th committee is droning on as we speak. Let's talk about your tweet. Let's talk about the fact that this let's talk about rhinos, conservatives, and the American people. Because you got 14 senators who want to curtail Second Amendment rights, put in Second Amendment, anti red flag laws, and they have the letter R behind their name. And at the same time, you've got clowns Thomas and a 6 judge justice majority in the Supreme Court bring down this decision about New York, your reaction to all of this. Are we winning? Are we losing are the rhino still in control? Well, this is a big win for the Second Amendment for the people for our constitutional rights. Thanks to president Trump for, again, fulfilling his promises. And for putting in constitutional justices, I just can't thank president Trump enough for that. But the battle will never end. I heard someone say the other day that evil never retreats on its own. Only when it's confronted by a more powerful force. And I have to say that one thing the Democrats have gotten used to is Republicans that don't fight if they do fight it's on the defense. One of the reasons we loved president Trump is he fought on the offense for the good of America and that we're going to continue that fight and

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