Sebastian Is Joined In-Studio by the Love of His Life Katie Gorka


This is a very special interview. Why? Because I get to share with you my love of my life and to talk about the incredible work she's been doing, not only in the administration as a presidential point to the problem of Homeland Security, then the press secretary for customs and border protection where you worked with Mark Morgan, who's a huge supporter of the show. And then now, as senior fellow at the heritage foundation for civil society, but let's begin at the beginning. I've known you for quite some time. Yes, you have. And we met in Eastern Europe in Romania. I was working for the Hungarian government defense ministry after the fall of communism. You were working for a New York think tank helping in the democratization process in Central Europe. Share a little bit about your journey because when I met you, allegedly, there were only two charities you gave to. And 8 charity and a gun control chat. And gay men's health crisis. Gay men's health crisis and gun control ink. And I think your life has changed somewhat in the last 26 years. Yes, it has. Why? Talk to us your journey and how you look at this nation we live in now. Well, I think the important thing is that so many young people who got a terrible education overall, I did not understand this country at all. I did not love this country. I would not say I was a patriot. I remember growing up in a part of Long Island. I remember maybe when I was about 6, a 4th of July parade with the streamers woven through my bike spokes and the good humor ice cream and that's kind of the last act of patriotism. I remember, because you go to school, I mean granted, this was a while ago, but let's say this would have been, you know, I was growing up in the 70s. It was not a great time to be an American.

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