Alan Dershowitz: On Jan. 6, Dems Have Cheated Even Without Opposition


With respect to this January 6th committee I look at this committee And I say what the hell is this Apart from everything what the hell is this Does this have any basis in the constitution in any rational system when you have one side that's putting a video and putting up oh look at this This is the speaker from Arizona Mentioning names and the people whose names are mentioned have no say there's nobody representing them and it's a national forum and they go on and on about how crimes were committed and how they're going to make criminal referrals Shouldn't we be concerned about this This is the old mccarthyism in a new democratic ARP This is what I remember as a kid with the house in American activities committee and senator McCarthy holding people except they were fair of the McCarthy committee was fair because the Democrats would at least have a chance to ask some questions And the people who were named at least could have lawyers representing them This is like watching a basketball game but it's much more serious In which one team is allowed on the court and Steph Curry is shooting three pointer after three pointer but the other team is not even allowed on the court They're kept on the bench It's outrageous In America you don't trust witnesses unless they're subject across examination of confrontation the constitution talks about the right to confront Witnesses And here you have totally one sided presentation Any Republican who wanted to ask a single hard question was excluded by Nancy Pelosi and they put on two Republicans one of whom is quitting Congress and the other who was going to be defeated in a Republican primary and their following the narrative completely And what's worse about it is that even without opposition the Democrats have

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