How Alabama's Mike Rogers Made His Way to Congress


Folks, I want you to welcome to the Doug Collins podcast, Mike Rogers, from Alabama Mike's good to see you, buddy. Thank you, Doug. We miss you, man. Well, I miss being there. A lot of late night Sessions and discussions and everything as we go. One of the things that I always like to talk about when we get started on the podcast is and from a perspective, everybody seems to know us, even if it's back in our districts and states, they know us from things like this. They see us on TV, they see us on, or hear us on radio, they do that. They don't really know like sort of how we got to where we are. So I want to use this moment before we get into the deeper stuff in Washington. Talk a little bit about how you got to Congress, sort of your background, why you wanted to do this in the first place. Well, I started young. I knew from as an adolescent and I wanted to be in Congress and I started to prepare myself for a career in public service. I. Prepared for law. I tell people that law is my vocation, politics is my career. But I prepared for a career in politics by getting an undergraduate degree in political science and master's degree in public administration in all degree. And then at 28, ran for the state for the county commission in my home county was the youngest person ever elected in the first Republican. Like a lot in the south, you know it is. There was the south is very conservative, but it was always historically Democrat until the last three decades. Ronald Reagan had a lot to do with change in that and in Barack Obama kind of kept it off. But many events, then I went from the county commission to the state legislature, was there a two terms served as minority leader in 2008, I ran for the 2002 I ran for the House. I've been here ever since.

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