Memorial Day Is a Serious Holiday


It's Memorial Day weekend What does that mean Means three days off I got that Monday's off the government's closed Isn't that amazing The government's closed and nobody cares Why don't we just call every Monday tech why don't we call three four days a week A national holiday and just close it That's the way you get around it But this is a serious holiday Memorial Day And it is a time to be with family And we say this every year but really wield an honor it It's a time to remember All of those who have died To serve this country What exactly were they protecting What were the men and women who fought for this country in these various wars The biggest war we fought right here Civil War what were they fighting for Or were they fighting for in World War I or World War II and all the wars in between What were they fighting for in Korea and Vietnam Iraq and Afghanistan One hell hole after another What are they fighting for today Tell me ladies and gentlemen are they fighting for the American Marxist movements No Hell no Are they fighting to destroy Women's sports Are they fighting for open borders Are they fighting the bankrupt the nation and drive up the cost of everything including gasoline and food

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