Elton John resumes farewell world tour after hip surgery


After after after after a a a a two two two two year year year year absence absence absence absence Elton Elton Elton Elton John John John John and and and and his his his his band band band band are are are are back back back back on on on on the the the the road road road road to to to to resume resume resume resume their their their their farewell farewell farewell farewell tour tour tour tour he he he was was was a a a sold sold sold out out out crowd crowd crowd at at at the the the smoothie smoothie smoothie king king king center center center in in in New New New Orleans Orleans Orleans for for for Elton Elton Elton John's John's John's first first first date date date back back back from from from the the the twenty twenty twenty twenty twenty twenty farewell farewell farewell yellow yellow yellow brick brick brick road road road tour tour tour I'm I'm I'm quite quite quite a a a show show show since since since the the the sixth sixth sixth of of of March March March two two two thousand thousand thousand and and and twenty twenty twenty first first first concerts concerts concerts were were were canceled canceled canceled because because because of of of the the the pandemic pandemic pandemic and and and then then then Elton Elton Elton John John John needed needed needed surgery surgery surgery further further further postponing postponing postponing the the the New New New Orleans Orleans Orleans event event event and and and I I I can't can't can't thank thank thank you you you enough enough enough for for for being being being so so so patient patient patient we we we live live live in in in a a a funny funny funny time time time fans fans fans were were were treated treated treated to to to a a a long long long list list list of of of hits hits hits as as as the the the band band band resumes resumes resumes its its its final final final world world world tour tour tour I'm I'm I'm Jackie Jackie Jackie Quinn Quinn Quinn

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