Michael Eric Dyson & Other Dems Hope to Benefit From Replacement Theor


Michael Eric Dyson people of his mentality On the hardcore radical left on the one hand they denounce people who notice what he is promoting and advocating He denounces them as racists on the other hand he promotes it and advocates This is the strangest name thing And what happened in Buffalo had nothing to do With this so called replacement theory It's an ideology anyway It's not a theory And if you listen to Michael Eric Dyson or Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi or joy Reid it's a reality That the Democrat party hopes to benefit from Now I think they they've made a big mistake we see how Hispanic voters are leaning now But let's not pretend that they're not out there promoting this And the more attacks I take from some jerk at The Huffington Post or some jerk at media matters all these Democrat party marks his front groups What do I care I mean nothing to me

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