Catherine Glenn Foster Gives Brilliant Response to Raskin on Abortion


Now here is how you answer the question if you're going to be a candidate radio show host or anything else This is exactly how it's done This pro life witness Catherine Glenn foster says okay you want to bring up rape and incest What if we banned abortion and made exceptions for rape and incest How would you vote I want you to listen very clearly to how Jamie Raskin's reclaiming my time reclaiming my you don't have to reclaim your time She asked you a question She has to do a question meaning she's passing the football to you meaning your time is reclaimed He says reclaiming his time because he doesn't know what to say Because if he answers the question honestly okay it's really not about rape and incest We just want abortion on demand anyway Then hell out there whole game that there really not about keeping it safe legal and rare They're about making an abortion on demand Any time Watch this listen to his response and take note This is how it's done Listen They called is candidly and openly calling for a nationwide ban on all abortions with no exceptions for rape or incest And if I've got that wrong I would invite miss foster to correct me Do I have a wrong yes or no If we added rape and incest exceptions would you vote for it Okay I reclaim my time Of course Okay You see that

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