Karine Jean-Pierre Celebrates the Slight Drop in Gas Prices


We went out of here talking about the recession, the state of the economy. Do you know now 61, according to the experts, 61% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. 61%. Talk about fiddling while Rome burns. Yesterday, Jean Pierre bragging karine Jean Pierre bragging about how Joe Biden is now rescuing the economy. Now, you got to hear this. This is astounding. Gas prices are coming down a little bit. Not a lot. A little bit. Check this out. An update on where we are currently with gas prices. We have now been falling for almost 7 straight weeks. As of this morning, gas prices have dropped 81 cents per gallon since their peak and June, as you'll see from the chart to my left here. That means American families who, with two cars, are saving $80 a month, a drivers can now find gas for three 9 $9 or less around half of all gas stations across the country and average gasoline prices have come below 3.99 in 19 states. Plumes war is still putting pressure on global oil supply, but President Biden is taking historic action to mitigate its impacts it's the same shell game they did with the job they're doing with the jobs numbers. You shut the country down and millions and millions of people don't work and when they rejoin the workforce because the country is finally opened again, you take credit for the job growth.

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