Enrique Prado Grades the U.S. on International Security Performance


We don't spend requisite amounts of time on understanding the strategy and the worldview of things like the Iranian Republican guard or how the Chinese military thinks. So in terms of steel on target, a plus in terms of getting inside the mind of our enemy not so hot. Could you give us your grades for how we are as an international national security performer? Well, you hit it on the spot when it comes to the kinetic aspect of our business. We are second to none. And when I say that, I also include our special operations forces because again, they've been fighting the G watt for over 20 years, which people tend to forget. I think that what you are describing most likely on the knowledge base on our enemies culture. It's not that we don't understand it, is that our leaders do not listen to it. I know the analysts, the quality of the analysts, we have in the agency, are scary smart. A guy's like Mike scheuer, who was the one that really discovered who'd been a lot of was and what he was up to and he was right until he was proven right. So an unfortunately, when you have organizations like the agency or even the FBI, not being run by people who are internal, political appointees, in my opinion, one of the problems we have is those political appointees that we have at the head of our agency are people that owe their allegiance to whoever put them there. And they will always look through the optic of that politics and you can not do operations, especially special operations through the optic of politics. So I will defend my analyst to the end. I think that incredibly well rounded and in depth, but the flow up is not always what it should be.

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