James Hahn Blasts New PGA Tour Schedule

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James Hahn on Twitter are James James, I just follow James like a week ago. We'll disclosure. I love James Hahn on Twitter. He tweeted today. He tweeted today. Take a look at the new PGA Tour schedule and you'll understand why players are upset. Vegas to Japan. To South Carolina to Bermuda to Mexico. He says, for the viewers, it's a flick of a remote. For us, it's 20 hour travel days and tens of thousands of dollars in expenses. That tweet already has 1400 likes in 25, 30 minutes, and then he follows it up by saying, to himself, we should be playing in major cities, places where they have an NFL football team, not Bermuda and Puerto Rico. Us little guys have feelings too. All right? He has caught a ton of shit for these tweets, but he's right. But he is right. Listen to that. Listen to that, that 6 week, that's what 5 weeks Vegas to Japan to South Carolina to Bermuda to Mexico. Vegas to Japan? Yeah, so to South Carolina. So they're going to be the little guys are going to want to play Vegas because it's really in the season because it's a wraparound. So they want to get off to a decent start. If they get into Japan, they're 100% going because they're pretty sure it doesn't have a cut. There's no way they're going to have an event in Japan with no cuts. So 1000% they're going. And then I guess I guess presumably. You take that off, I would guess. Where are they playing? I didn't even see where they're playing. But they're playing somewhere. Like the golf course. It doesn't matter. The only set is ridiculous, though. But I'm like, that's got to be a new event, 'cause the only South Carolina I know is Hilton head that they play, but I think it's chattahoochee or chat, chat to Jesse or, oh yeah. That's something like that over there. It's really cool. But yeah, that's not an easy travel. Well, you can't even do that. Your host. You're totally host if you try that. I don't know what I mean. This is where the play. Basically what he's saying for the people in the comments yelling at clouds is like the big guys, they're probably getting their own way paid to all that shit. The Japanese event, the big guys are probably getting older stuff paid for. I would guess all of it. Maybe they can pay appearance feed money over there. I don't really know. But the little guys have to play all those and what he's saying is it's going to cost him 30, not 30, but probably 20 grand to do all those. Ish,

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