Barb McQuade on the Secret Merrick Garland Memo


Everybody's freaking out over the, you know, I guess secret Garland Merrick Garland memo, right? That is sites bars demand to flag the AG at the agency's investigating a presidential candidate. Am I wrong not to freak out? Because you know me, I'm prone to freak out. But yeah, no one will ever accuse you of not freaking out enough. But thank you. I think this is not a freak out moment. This is really, you know, I object to a lot of what William Barr did as attorney general. He did a lot of bad things in wrong things. I don't think it's wrong to say the boss should know if you're going to open an investigation on a political candidate for president. You should know. If you could have a prosecutor go off, either because they're rogue, but more likely just because, you know, they got excited about something that they see. And the attorney general should know about that. That's all. That's all it says. So I don't think this is something to freak out about. In fact, I think it's just good management.

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