Blogger Lobs Racist Attack at Rep. Mayra Flores


Myra Flores is now running in a district that's been redistricted. And she's running against this guy named Vicente Gonzalez. And he's a democratic Congress, congressman. So you've sort of got to incumbents. Now, Myra floor has just got elected, so she's incumbent in sense that she will have been in office really only for a couple of months. So it's going to be a hard fought race in a race with national implications. And as it turns out, there have been some very racist and vicious attacks on Myra Flores coming from a solid Texas blogger named Jerry McHale. He puts out a blog called the Michael report. So honey, give a give a little bit of a flavor of the kind of things he's been saying. Number one, I'm going to accuse Jerry McHale being a racist, okay? That's the first thing I'm going to do. Second thing is apparently his bloggers wrote some really just horrific things, not just miss frijoles, which is bad enough, cotton picking, liar, okay? Princess pozole, I don't know what that is, but anyway, miss menudo, which if you are Hispanic, Mexican, you know what a menu though is. It's one of those little pots with, it's kind of like Creole food, but it's for the, you know, our people. And then goes on to say things like, does Florida's want Trump to come and take her. You know, I mean, I can't even so I want to say it. According to a sex log. Yes. Yes. And then, and then she isn't even in the bush leagues unless she doesn't shave her. I mean, just horrible.

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