Yellen says new $500M is 'only the beginning' of Ukraine aid


In in in in addition addition addition addition to to to to military military military military aid aid aid aid the the the the US US US US is is is is stepping stepping stepping stepping up up up up financial financial financial financial assistance assistance assistance assistance to to to to Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine I'm I'm I'm I'm Brian Brian Brian Brian Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas with with with with the the the the latest latest latest latest treasury treasury treasury treasury secretary secretary secretary secretary Janet Janet Janet Janet Yellen Yellen Yellen Yellen says says says says an an an an additional additional additional additional five five five five hundred hundred hundred hundred million million million million dollars dollars dollars dollars is is is is intended intended intended intended to to to to help help help help Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine sustained sustained sustained sustained critical critical critical critical government government government government operations operations operations operations that that that that fends fends fends fends off off off off Russia's Russia's Russia's Russia's invasion invasion invasion invasion salaries salaries salaries salaries pensions pensions pensions pensions and and and and other other other other social social social social assistance assistance assistance assistance programs programs programs programs necessary necessary necessary necessary to to to to avoid avoid avoid avoid worsening worsening worsening worsening of of of of the the the the humanitarian humanitarian humanitarian humanitarian situation situation situation situation the the the the new new new new funding funding funding funding is is is is on on on on top top top top of of of of another another another another five five five five hundred hundred hundred hundred million million million million dollars dollars dollars dollars in in in in economic economic economic economic aid aid aid aid president president president president Biden Biden Biden Biden unveiled unveiled unveiled unveiled in in in in March March March March we we we we know know know know this this this this is is is is only only only only the the the the beginning beginning beginning beginning of of of of what what what what you you you you crane crane crane crane we'll we'll we'll we'll need need need need to to to to rebuild rebuild rebuild rebuild on on on on sanctions sanctions sanctions sanctions asked asked asked asked whether whether whether whether European European European European allies allies allies allies should should should should ban ban ban ban Russian Russian Russian Russian energy energy energy energy imports imports imports imports Europe Europe Europe Europe clearly clearly clearly clearly needs needs needs needs to to to to reduce reduce reduce reduce its its its its dependence dependence dependence dependence on on on on Russia Russia Russia Russia Yellen Yellen Yellen Yellen cautioned cautioned cautioned cautioned European European European European ban ban ban ban on on on on Russian Russian Russian Russian oil oil oil oil could could could could backfire backfire backfire backfire that that that that would would would would clearly clearly clearly clearly res res res res global global global global oil oil oil oil prices prices prices prices having having having having less less less less of of of of an an an an impact impact impact impact on on on on Russia Russia Russia Russia than than than than the the the the rest rest rest rest of of of of the the the the world world world world Ben Ben Ben Ben Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas Washington Washington Washington Washington

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