Big Wins Across State Primaries This Week


Had Kansas and Missouri Arkansas having battles, Missouri. We saw Eric Schmidt, the attorney general over there when the nomination in the battle of Eric's Donald Trump chiming in with an endorsement of Eric with two candidates having the same first name, Eric Schmidt ended up getting the win and will face off to try and make sure the Missouri Senate race stays in Republican hands and then down in Arizona. Carrie Lake finally gets the final nod that she's the winner in Arizona. Maricopa County, Phoenix that screwed up the 2020 election has done no progress in getting any further along at being able to actually count votes and get through an election process. You know, you've got other countries where they can literally hand count ballots and they can do it in 24 hours. Maricopa County can't even get it done in a few days and they had chaos, they had confusion, like we saw in 2020, despite all the denials that there was any election problems in Arizona that it didn't get stolen from Trump, but a big week there, and then in Tennessee, where we're broadcasting from in Memphis, Andy ogles wins the Republican primary in the Tennessee 5th congressional district. Last night, as Republicans redrew that district in Tennessee, it's been a 9 congressional district state for a while. Traditionally, you've had 7 Republicans to Democrats in recent years. Well, with redistricting, Republicans redrew the lines in Nashville, dividing Nashville up, adding some of the suburban counties to it. And for the first time for the first time since reconstruction, the Civil War, Republicans have an actual shot to pick up Nashville and probably do that new district is about a 12 plus Republican district Donald Trump carried it by over a dozen points,

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