One scandal too many: British PM Boris Johnson resigns


As prime minister Boris Johnson announced his resignation many UK citizens were relieved he is finally stepping down After three tumultuous years in power Johnson has succumbed to pressure from his own cabinet and party to give up his position I know that there will be many people who are relieved And perhaps quite a few who will also be disappointed Indeed on the streets of London many were relieved to see Boris Johnson leaving no 10 Downing Street even Conservative Party voter Susan palm was happy to see him go Boris has to go He's a disgrace Investment banker he met Delhi way said it was about time Johnson accepted the feat By the end of the day it seemed like he was just going to keep on but I guess he's figured it out that it's time for him to go Big issue magazine vendor Frank Thomas was worried about what the future now holds for Britain after Johnson's departure I don't think things will get better for a long time Things have to get really really worse before they get better Karen Chammas London

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