Gov. Scott Walker: Thank God Senate Didn't Confirm Garland for SCOTUS


Protesters activists, people on the far left are literally breaking federal law, camped out in front of the homes of Supreme Court Justices, voicing their displeasure through bullhorns and banging drums and obscenities and everything else carrying around bloodied baby dolls and yet Merrick Garland and the Justice Department and the Biden administration don't seem to have any inclination to at least enforce the law. Isn't it fascinating how the media has the mainstream media at least has refused to even acknowledge the lawlessness of these protesters? If it was reversed, there'd be pants on fire, their hair would be on fire. Although I do have to say, Mike, one thing just an aside, I just knocked some in the Senate. This is where they deserve credit from a few years ago. Thank God they did not confirm Merrick Garland as a member of the U.S. Supreme Court for all this talk about him being some reasonable middle of the road person. He's not. He's a total left wing lackey. And the idea that earlier this year, he would allow his Justice Department to be aligned with the national association of school boards when they were calling concerned parents showing up at school board meetings domestic terrorists and really trying to intimidate them. This is the same Justice Department that, as you mentioned, this isn't just a bad idea. This is a federal law that prohibits people intimidating officers of the court. That's justices, judges, prosecutors, understandably so. We don't want people who are before the court out trying to intimidate a judge or a justice and their family, you know, that's something you think of years ago with the mafia or somebody else in organized crime trying to do that. They should be prosecuting those people to the full extent of the law and they certainly need to step up once this decision comes out. What was alleged to have happened or could have happened against Kavanaugh justice Kavanaugh? I think is a prime reminder about why this is just so important.

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