Kellyanne Conway: Dems Are Losing Because They Lost Their Boogeyman


Democrats are losing this argument on many levels. And the Democrats, as I said, at the beginning of the hour are in a freefall. I saw Kellyanne Conway visit with Jesse watters last night on TV on Fox News. She had a really profound observation about why the Democrats are floundering. The Democrats are falling apart because they've lost their boogeymen and their boogeymen have been Donald Trump and COVID. Democrats are cutting loose. A Biden and Harris. And look, the vast right-wing conspiracy are not the source of these quotes. And all the usual boogeymen that the Democrats and liberals and Biden and Harris and the rest of them have always used as a stalking horse, blaming this one, that one. They can't do it anymore. You know, Joe Biden won because he wasn't Trump. But he needed Trump and he did COVID to continue the juice in his presidency. And without being able to talk about either one or blame either one day by day, he's lost. He's completely bereft. She's right on. She's spot on. Yeah, and you know, one thing about Kellyanne Conway. There are a lot of people who know the whole Trump story without Kellyanne Conway. We didn't get four years of president Donald Trump. She got him elected. And wow, what a mess she had to face with that goofy husband of hers, that vicious, angry Trump hating husband who apparently was, I don't know, I want to get into any of that, but what a warrior she is.

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