We Are 99 Days Away From the Midterm Elections...


Are 99 days away from the midterm elections, and I am here today to warn you to tell you what not what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. I've said many times on the Charlie Kirk show podcast, we are not hopium dealers, hope and opium feels good, but it's awfully bad for you. I'm going to tell you bluntly and plainly what is happening in real time. What I'm going to tell you happening is that Republicans are messing up the inevitable red wave and tsunami with gas prices inflation, open border, CRT war on kids, pedophilia widespread, vaccine mandates, the lying and the deceit of the unpopular president, all of that is true, but guess what? Democrats are adjusting and Republicans are asleep. Despite all of this, we right now are living through a moment where Republicans are already measuring the drapes of the speaker's office, they are trying to find out what offices they'll get if they take back the Senate there is work to be done, everybody, and the numbers are not good.

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