CNN Airs Video of Trump DOJ Lawyer Being Raided by DOJ


CNN airs body footage of Trump DoJ lawyer doing DoJ raid Can I put my pants on question Mark Z the goal is to humiliate this guy By Stephen proctor proctor Short for proctologist This is Yahoo entertainment They find it very entertaining CNN aired footage of Aaron Burnett out front On her program Thursday that it had obtained a body cam footage that we still can't get Jesse waters has been trying We still can't get body footage of you know the big dumb Paul Pelosi the drunk can't get the body footage of him but we got it of this guy The moment federal agents carried out a raid on the home of former Department of Justice lawyer Jeffrey Clark just over two weeks ago So you see those during the raid no they had body cameras no they are subject to being released and the people telling them to do the right no they want them released Now this is the U.S. attorney's office in Washington D.C. He is accused of trying to aid former president Trump and his alleged attempt to overturn the 2020 election No he's not He's not accused of anything He hasn't been accused of anything Clock is also accused of drafting a letter to Georgia officials refuting President Biden's win in the state So the rate occurred the day before former top DoJ officials testified to the January 6th committee that Clark went to great lengths to help the former president remain in office Don't you love the median America They can't just report a story

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